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Mixed Media 21

Mixed Media 21
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Illustration / Buffalo Gals, won't you come out tonight?



Invitation Design / Barabara Cole (Photo: Barbara Cole)



Children’s Video and Book / The Smalls



Illustration / One Splendid Tree / KidsCan Press



Interior Design / Library



Poster Design / Levi's (Photos: Shin Sugino)



Magazine Ad Design / Fairmont Hotels & Resorts (Photo: Shin Sugino)



Design and Illustration, Logo and Postcard / The Richmond / Hope McFall


Book Design / Barbara Cole (Photo: Barbara Cole)


Website Design / Balderson Cheese
(Photo: Doug Bradshaw & Archival)


Logo Design / Sweet Street / QVS Marketing



Masthead Design / Dianne Eastman: A Visual Journal



Design, Business Identity / The Centrepiece Lady / Kaaren Kalil


Design, Educational Booklets and Charts / Baby Steps / Mead Johnson Canada (Photos: Barbara Cole & Kathryn Hollinrake)



Interior Design / Loft



Logo Design / Lilian's / QVS Marketing



Poster Design / Almost There / Brookstone Theatre



Oil Painting / Nectarines



Magazine Ad Design / Fairmont Hotels & Resorts (Photo: Shin Sugino)



Digitan Illustration / Roma



Illustration / Professor Tableau



Illustration / One Splendid Tree / KidsCan Press



Copper and Tin Design / Yurt



Interior Detail / Yurt



Illustration / Jenny Jenkins



Poster Design / Tempra / MeadJohnson Canada (Photo: Karen Perlmutter)



Art Direction, Billboard / New, But They’ll Improve. / Levi’s (Photo: Bert Bell)



Design, Business Identity / Better Beverages / QVS Marketing (Photo: istockphoto)



Poster Design / Directions / The Advertising and Design Club of Canada (Photo: Tim Saunders)

(All photography is mine, unless otherwise indicated.)